Adapted Tree Ritual and Memorial

In respect for the recent passing of Raymond Buckland, a prolific author and one of the first to write about Paganism within the USA.

Within his book The Tree ,which was published in the 1970s, is found a very nice history, which explains how the Saxon and Roman influences intertwined, along with a very nice self-dedication ritual, for those who read and agree with the material in the book. The written ritual is easily adaptable to work with the Goddess Fortuna when energies are focused on a ritual goblet or vase (a vegan-friendly representation of Fortuna's cornucopia) in contrast to the traditional saex (Buckland's focal point for Saex-Wica).

The ritual may then go on and be modified as follows:

The divine masculine, who is known as (masculine deity of choice, for example Bonus Eventus, Jupiter, or Mercury) and many other names and the divine feminine, who is known as (feminine deity of choice, for example Fortuna, Juno, or Venus) and many other names.

As a suggestion, pouring water, wine, or fruit juice from the ritual goblet or vase as an offering may be an appropriate alternative to the written ritual's offering.

Many thanks and blessings to Raymond Buckland for all he has willingly shared with the public.

Peace and Rest, for one who has so well fulfilled his life's purpose.

We should all be so lucky to choose a life purpose and to fulfill it well.