Within the Adytum

The Goddess Abundantia

Goddess Abundantia
Animation and Design by Aliesha Delacy, based on image by E.S. Simpson

Abundantia, the Roman Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance

The Goddess Fortuna as Huiusque Diei

Fortuna Huiusque Diei logo designed by Robert Place, with color applied by several artists using photoshop and software provided by the website of Lunapic.
Graphic designed and permissioned by Robert Place
with color applied by several artists.

Fortuna Huiusque Diei, the Goddess as Good Fortune of the Present Day
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The Goddess Fortuna as Muliebris

Goddess Fortuna Muliebris
Image based on Girl with a Basket of Fruit, painting by Frederic Leighton, 1863
image public domain via Wikipedia.

Fortuna Muliebris, the Goddess as Good Fortune of the Divine Feminine
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The Goddess Iðuna

Goddess Iduna
Image based on Ydun, statue by Herman Wilhelm Bissen, 1858
at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, København, Denmark
Photo credit: by Orf3us
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Iðuna, the Norse Goddess of Apples, Nuts, Rejuvenation and Immortality