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Frankincense and Copal, Cinnamon and Sustainability

Cinnamon and Cassia according to geographical locations, public domain image
Cinnamon and Cassia according to geographical locations
public domain image
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In an effort to look into sustainable practices and corresponding incenses from the Americas, we will be exploring substitutes for frankincense incense. At the moment, cinnamon looks very promising for sustainability.

If this is a practice you would like to see continued, please consider donating some cinnamon incense for Temple of Fortuna dot com's Sunday morning sacred space, which is held from 11am to 12pm Pacific Time.

We began the search by acquiring a sample stick of copal, and lighting it alongside the traditional frankincense incense this Sunday morning. At the end of the worship service, half the copal was available to use for the future, and will be burned alongside frankincense again next Sunday.

However, after burning 1/2 stick of copal incense, we found ourselves looking deeper into the sustainability of the more popular wood-based incenses, and we did not find verification that any of the wild-crafted woods are sustainable over the long-term for mass consumption.

Many wood species available for purchase easily and inexpensively may actually be endangered, according to various online resources. Included as threatened, or possibly threatened, according to various online sources:

palo santo
copal (copal includes several species of trees)

These are all popular and widely available aromatic woods, yet no evidence is shown that any of these trees are grown sustainably and commercially, as are fruit and nut trees known to our kitchens and dining rooms .

Cinnamon is the most obvious cultivated tree that is protected and sustainable as a crop, probably because of its long tradition of culinary uses.

Cinnamon, synchronicitously, was highly valued in ancient Rome, and some resources associate cinnamon with a Temple to Peace, and possibly a Temple to Jupiter.

Despite being known to the ancients, cinnamon was not among the aromatics listed in the original Orphic Hymns, which leaves it open to interpretation whether cinnamon could effectively substitute for other wood-based Orphic incenses until the more well known aromatic trees become sustainable for mass production.

Cinnamon may be found in combination with fruit scents in stick incense, which may combine the essence of aromatic wood with fruits of the harvest, and the cornucopia of the Goddess Fortuna.

Examples in the widely available "Hem" incense line are:

Cinnamon Apple
Cinnamon Orange
Cinnamon Tangerine
as well as plain Cinnamon and Cinnamon Rose

Depending on whether all these incenses smell good and seem appropriate scents for the time, place and reason they are being used, it's possible to use a cinnamon scent that matches the season and what is available at farmer's markets. (apples in autumn, orange and tangerine in summer, etc.)

Other cinnamon blends found in the Hem and a few other incense brands (as noted) are:

Coco Cinnamon ("Attracts Money and Security")
Call Money (subdued cinnamon tones)
Scorpio, Scents of the Zodiac (cinnamon)
Spicy Pink (Nutmeg and Cinnamon blend)
Flora Cinnamon (Cinnamon with floral overtones)
Madre Maria ("Contra Jealousy" spicy cinnamon)
Ramakrishnananda, Ganga Brand (Cinnamon, Lavender, and Jasmine)
Christmas Kiss, Wild Berry Brand (bayberry, cinnamon stick, and bergamot orange, hand dipped, made in America)
Cinnamon Patchouli
Vanilla Cinnamon
Apple, Cinnamon and Clove, bic brand ("purify the atmosphere... balance body and spirit")
Black Magic (spice with cinnamon and vanilla)
Clove Cinnamon
Pine Cinnamon
Prosperity, Flower Child Brand (cinnamon)
Cinnamon Masala

There are also many other suppliers have cinnamon incense, and some of these may include high quality, ethical, vegan, and organic companies that only handle sustainable products. And, of course, natural cinnamon from the kitchen may be used in various pleasantly aromatic ways.

It may make sense to think about substituting cinnamon for frankincense when we use aromatic woods for sacred space, until and unless we have access to our own, locally grown aromatic trees, or the industry chooses to become sustainable by growing traditional aromatic woods as crops.


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We are very excited to see this wonderful dream come to life after only 2 months online!

Many, many thanks to the online radio people for making this option available to us.

Our thanks are also extended to our referrals for making us aware of online radio.

May the goddess be with you. Blessed be!



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