Botanical Ingredients for Goddess Potions

Every once in awhile, it seems appropriate to remind ourselves that mysterious magical ingredients which aren't already in our cupboards or home gardens are often unnecessary.

Current teachings are that rosemary may substitute for any herb and rose may substitute for any flower. Either plant is easy to grow ... either in the garden ... or on a windowsill (miniature roses). But what about the ancient recipes that have mysterious ingredients we all know we shouldn't include? Eye of newt, toe of frog and all that? Well, rest assured, common rosemary and rose may substitute for any of these because they are, most often, common names for botanicals. Eye of newt? Wild mustard seed, according the the link I'm placing below. Toe of frog would be bulbous buttercup leaves. Anything not on the list, go ahead and substitute rosemary. Plenty of rosemary.

May your recipes be botanical and may you be blessed! πŸŒΏπŸƒπŸ€

Old-World Names for Herbs and Plants