Invocation to the Goddess Fortuna

This is an invocation sequence similar to the recorded online Temple rituals. It is shared as a guideline for personal invocations, and may also be adapted for use by groups.

Keep in mind that the Goddess Fortuna was honored in many ways by people of many different statuses in life, and that She is, perhaps, one of the most forgiving and understanding of the ancient Goddesses. Be sincere, honest and trust yourself.

Many rituals include the use of candles, incense and other tools which are best handled by adults; always be careful with fire. Children and teens who wish to do invocations are suggested to draw a pretty picture you feel would please the Goddess Fortuna, and to mention good deeds you have done recently as offerings, in place of incense.

1. Preparation and Cleansing

Before starting an invocation, it is a good idea to prepare yourself and the place you will do the invocation.

Begin by considering where you will do the invocation, what time of day you prefer, what day, and any other considerations that you feel are important. Choose, in advance, what you will wear for the invocation and whether you wish to devote a particular outfit to ritual clothing. Be sure that the outfit is clean and ready before you begin, and put in at least a little effort into being there on time, or doing some housecleaning if you will be indoors. Devote some attention to cleansing yourself, both physically and spiritually.

Avoid rushing around, or being in a negative frame of mind. At a minimum, try to take a few deep breaths before you begin and calm yourself.

Cleaning the invocation area is also a spiritual task. At Temple ritual, this is done in two phases: first with water, and second with sacred herbs. The water may be distilled or spring water, and it may be blessed in advance by lighting incense and saying a prayer over the water, and the source of the water. If there is another method you prefer to make holy water, that is fine too.

Ancient herbs associated with cleansing include cinnamon, which is easily found in the home. Other forms of cinnamon include incense and fragrance oils, which may be added to an oil burner. These items ( and more, including statues of the Goddess Fortuna if you expect to be honoring Her often ) may be found in the Temple Gift Shop.

First cleanse the space: sprinkle a little holy water around the place you will do the invocation. This is often done at compass points in a clockwise path, going from east to south to west to north.

Then sanctify the space: present your sanctification herbs or incense (cinnamon for example) following the same path you sprinkled the water; in a clockwise path, going from east to south to west to north.

Now that you and your place are cleansed and sanctified, it is time for to begin the invocation ritual :)

2. Ritual Invocation

Goddess Fortuna, you're welcomed to be

bringing good fortune and prosperity.

3. Adoration

You who inspires us to be good providers for our homes!
You who are with us in our public and private lives!
You who protects the newborn infants and new mothers!

You who brings happiness in marriage!
You who brings wealth to the poor and underprivileged!
You who empowers us to speak with our minds and with our hearts!

You who are with us every day and one day at a time!
You who also remembers the wealthy, may they be good leaders!
You who brings our loved ones home safely from their travels!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

4. Offering

Offerings to the Goddess Fortuna include incense; traditionally frankincense (which may be purchased through links at the Temple Gift Shop ;)

The Goddess Fortuna also accepted good deeds done for the less fortunate as offerings, although this is most often done outside of ritual invocations.

If you choose incense, or scented oils, breathe the scent in deeply, relax and close your eyes if you like. If you offer a good deed you've done recently, remember that deeply, and enjoy the feeling that it gave both you and the recipient of that good deed. Allow yourself to feel the essence and energy of the Goddess Fortuna for as long as you enjoy the sensation.

5. Intention

State your reasons for the invocation. Is it merely to please the Goddess Fortuna? Do you have a specific request? Is the invocation part of a larger ritual for which you desired Her presence?

Whatever it is, now is the time to speak what you will, from your own heart and with your own words. Be sure that your desire is only for good intentions, and do not be specific with how or when you wish the results to come about. An invocation and ritual is different from making a demand; it's about stating your desires and allowing the divine energies to decide exactly what should transpire in answer your invocation.

6. Release

After stating your intention, allow it to be released to the energies of the universe. Try not to think too much about what you've requested. Like the old saying "the watched pot never boils", if you put too much pressure on the result, it may take longer and not be as satisfying when you receive your answer.

Just trust, and give courtesy to the Goddess Fortuna that She has heard you and appreciates your invocation. Now it's time to release Her so that Her energies may be renewed.

Goddess Fortuna, my invocation is complete.
And with this ritual, until the next time we meet,
I thank you for your presence and blessings here today.
I praise You, and release You, as You go on your way!

7. Closure

At this point, the invocation ritual is complete. Simply leave the place where you created the invocation. If you have a dedicated ritual outfit, you may change clothes if you wish. If not, then just go about your day.

If, for any reason, you wish to have an additional closure on this ritual, it is very simple :) Just say any of the following closing words, or substitute any other short closing phrase which has meaning to you.

So Be It!


It Is So!


Blessed Be!

8. Gratitude

When the time comes that you recognize an answer to your question (and it may come at a time you didn't expect, and materialize in a way you never anticipated) give thanks to the Goddess Fortuna with another ritual invocation specifically for that purpose.