Seasonal Worship Services

Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer in the Southern Hemisphere.
Audio worship services created for Temple of Fortuna, with guest speakers and musicians.

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Honoring Ancestors

Day of Fortuna Primigenia Version I

Day of Fortuna Primigenia Version II

Sun Sign Scorpio

Sun Sign Scorpio and Methods of Divination

The Celtic Reed Moon and Runes

The Celtic Reed Moon and Meditation

Day of Fortuna Muliebris

Day of Fortuna Muliebris and How Women Stopped a War

Sun Sign Sagittarius and the Elder Moon

Sun Sign Sagittarius

Day of Fortuna Redux and Day of Epona Version I

Day of Fortuna Redux and Day of Epona Version II

The Winter Solstice

The Solstice of Winter, Natalis Solis Invicti, Saturnalia and Sol Invictus

Day of the Goddess Fortuna in all of Her Aspects

Day of the Goddess Fortuna, Aesculapius, Vediovis and the Compitalia

The Celtic Birch Moon

The Celtic Birch Moon and the Roman Goddess Abundantia

Sun Sign Capricorn Version I

Sun Sign Capricorn Version II

The Apicius of Ancient Roman Cuisine Version I

The Apicius of Ancient Roman Cuisine Version II

The Paganalia and the Feriae Sementivae of Ceres and Tellus

Sun Sign Aquarius

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