Seasonal Worship Serivces

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.
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These audio worship services were created for Temple of Fortuna dot com, and include guest speakers and musicians. If you enjoy listening to the contributors, we encourage you to visit their websites, which you may find if you have a look at the worship page and scroll down. The audio worship services are intended for online listening only, please do not copy nor download audio.
* Podcasts and music are protected by copyright *

Day of Celtic Goddess Brigid Version I

Day of Celtic Goddess Brigid Version II

The Celtic Rowan Moon and the Celtic Goddess Brigid

The Topic of Love and Tyche-Fortuna-Venus

Sun Sign Pisces and Herbs

The Ash Moon and Ceremonial Arts

An Irish Celebration and Wicca

Equinox of Spring

Sun Sign Aries and the Alder Moon

Day of Fortuna Virilis, the Veneralia, Concordia and Pax

Day of Fortuna Publica

Ceremonial Tools and Regalia

The Willow Moon and the Tarot