Temple of Fortuna dot com's organization statement does not appear to include discriminatory rhetoric, and the organization does not support discrimination.
The organization does not focus on discrimination as part of its mission. Temple of Fortuna dot com does not discriminate against donors, subscribers, social networking group members, nor the general pubic, nor has it had a history of doing so.

However; this does not necessarily mean that the organization was created specifically for the purpose of supporting any specific types of human rights nor any specific protected class. The organization was created for a different purpose; a spiritual purpose for people.

The fact is: Fortuna's anti-discrimination, in ancient times, tended to be along class lines. She had holidays that were celebrated by Emperors, wealthy equestrian classes, the general populace, and the lower classes of non-citizens and She most visibly demonstrated equality between people of differing socio-economic classes.

In ancient Roman spirituality, there may have been deities which more closely aligned with special interests. These deities may be more well known to special interest communities than the Goddess Fortuna; the deity who is the focal point of this organization.

Temple of Fortuna dot com provides a new look at the ancient stories of the Roman Goddess Fortuna, who supported various roles for people of ancient Rome, including traditional marriages between naturally born women and naturally born men, female-born mothers and their newborn babies. Our focus is on how these ancient stories may still have meaning in the present day.

The traditional roles of deities and associated belief systems may be important for people to look into when they are researching which deity's traditional history may most easily and happily support their personal belief systems and/or special interests. This type of research may easily be accomplished online, and it is our hope that all people equally find their path.

We invite people equally. Regardless of the traditional nature of teachings we discover with the Goddess Fortuna, there may be something for anyone with an open mind to learn, regardless of any perceived or actual differences or similarities in personal interests or background.

Temple of Fortuna dot com does not ordain ministers for weddings nor for any other life passage, and the organization is not a recognized resource regarding legal marriage licenses for anybody at this time.

Organizations that provide online ministerial ordinations at the time of this post include Universal Life Church in USA. Specific information pertaining to regional legalities, contemporary marriage licensing and non-discrimination may be found online with other organizations and jurisdictions which publish pertinent regional regulations on their websites.