Temple of Fortuna Receives Goddess Gift from Artist in Rome, Italy!

An original painting and signed print have been donated to Temple of Fortuna dot com
by award-winning vocalist, Katya Sanna, has sent a beautiful gift of .

The painting is named Il Lascito della Dea (The Gift of the Goddess)
The print is a calendar created in 2005 from the second version of the painting named Omaggio alla Dea (Homage to the Goddess)

"Il Lascito della Dea"  (The Gift of the Goddess), painting donated by Katya Sanna
Il Lascito della Dea
(The Gift of the Goddess)
donated and created by Katya Sanna

We are told that amber gemstone was an inspiration for the work.
The two versions of the painting show slightly different colors and symbols.
The gift was presented at a worship service.

Many thanks and blessings to Katya for sending this lovely gift all the way
from Rome, Italy!!!