Sunday Services Have Started!

Our dream to hold Sunday services has been realized!

update: Seasonal Worship Services recordings are archived and accessible through links at the Worship Page on this website.

Temple of Fortuna is now holding internet radio services. These services are currently hosted and performed by ordained clergy member, Mama Fortuna.

The live broadcasts will be aired at 2:00pm most Sundays. We are deciding whether the format should be 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes, and we are trying out a different time lengths until we find what works best. The live broadcast can be replayed at any time by clicking the blogtalkradio links on the home page or on the blog. This will allow the service to be attended at a convenient time from the privacy of the home.

We are very excited to see this wonderful dream come to life after only 2 months online!

Many, many thanks to the online radio people for making this option available to us.

Our thanks are also extended to our referrals for making us aware of online radio.

May the goddess be with you. Blessed be!